why does my cat have a black whisker

Why Does My Cat Have A Black Whisker

Whiskers are the strands of hair on the cheekbones, above the eyes and on the lower paws of the cat. They are like the cat’s antenna.

Whiskers are the cat’s whiskers, which are thicker than the rest of the body hair and have deeper roots.

They Are Known To Have Only Two Colors: Black And White

  • What are the two types of whisker colors in cats?
  • What are the two types of moustache color in cats?
  • The color of body hair in mammals is decided and depends on a pigment called melanin.

Cat Whiskers Can Have Two Colors: White And Black.

Most cats have white whiskers when they are young, but when they grow, the melanin does not work at the same time, hence the black color of the whiskers. However, the color of the whiskers can also be due to a genetic cause and the breed of the cat.

Why Do My Cat’s Whiskers Turn Black?                 

The whiskers of cats have the ability to change color with age.

If you notice your cat’s whiskers changing from white to black, they are probably growing. The color of the moustache will not change overnight; it takes time.

If you feel that only a single moustache has turned black, this is also nothing to worry about. When kittens become one or two years old, they usually start to get black whiskers. Therefore, you may notice that the color of their whiskers is black while the others are white.

Can The Cat’s Whiskers Change Color With Age?

The cat’s whiskers change color with age. The color comes from a pigment in the skin, but as the follicle matures, the whiskers begin to lose their color.  Over time, this pigment continues to thin out, eventually causing the cat’s whiskers to turn a black color.

In mammals, the color of the hair and skin depends on a pigment called melanin, but the cat’s whiskers do not have access to this pigment and are therefore white.

When the kitten reaches adult cat age, the color of the whiskers becomes slightly darker, and over time the whiskers continue to turn black.  The color change is quite a lengthy process. However, the fact that the whiskers are black does not mean that your cat is now a granny.

  • The breed of the cat can also affect the color of the vibrissae.
  • Well then, cats also want to show that they are experienced creatures!

What Determines The Color Of A Cat’s Whiskers?

The color of a cat’s whiskers depends mainly on two factors: age and breed.

The Age

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, as a cat ages, its whiskers do not have access to melanin, which gives them a white color. However, over time, the color of the whiskers changes due to the dead skin cells. This is why the cat’s muzzle turns black.


Although young cats usually have white whiskers, the role of breed can make a big difference. Different breeds of cats can have different genes, and with genes comes the characteristic feature of living creatures or mammals.

  • The Bombay cat is the only cat that has retained black whiskers throughout its life.
  • What does a black whisker in a cat mean? 5 cat breeds that have long whiskers!
  • A black moustache in a cat is nothing to worry about. It is a natural process.
  • If you notice a sudden blackening of the whiskers, it probably means that your kitten is now sexually mature.
  • Take a human as an example: don’t our hair and beard also change color after a certain age? Something similar happens with cats.

Can An Orange Cat Have Black Whiskers?

A cat is an animal with hair and fur. A cat’s fur can be different colors, such as orange, black, white, grey, brown or cream, but no matter what color the cat is, it can never affect the color of its whiskers!

Yes, an orange cat can have a black whisker. The color of all body hair is determined by a single pigment, but it gives the coat and the hair strands a different color. Because they have a deep root, the cat’s whiskers are closest to the glands of the body.

  • The natural color of the cat’s whiskers is white, which becomes darker with age.
  • Therefore, black, grey and cream-brown cats have exclusively white and black whiskers.
  • Which cat breeds have black whiskers?
  • Which cat breeds have black whiskers?
  • Only one cat breed has black whiskers!
  • This may sound amazing, but it is the truth.

The Bombay cat is the only cat that has black whiskers, and this is genetic.

This breed was developed by a scientist named Nikki Horner. The cat breeder had the goal to breed a domestic cat with the appearance of the Black Panther. And thanks to this idea, the Bombay cats were born.

There are two types of cats: the American Bombay cat and the British Bombay cat.

The American Bombay cat is the result of cloning Burmese and black shorthair cats from America, while the British Bombay cat is the result of cloning Burmese and black shorthair cats from within the country.

Bombay cats are completely black in color. Even their whiskers are colored black. They are quite social and intelligent by nature.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Are My Cat’s Whiskers Black And White?

Cats’ whiskers appear to be black and white when they go through the ageing process, as they do not turn black immediately.

Do All Cats Have Black Whiskers?

The answer can be both yes and no, as a cat’s whiskers can darken with age and be white when it is young. Bombay cats, however, have black whiskers.

Can A Brown Cat Have Black Whiskers?

A brown cat can have black whiskers as it gets older. The color of the whiskers will always be white and black, regardless of the coat color.

Can I Dye My Cat’s Whiskers?

No. Never dye your cat’s whiskers. These are the most sensitive part of their body that helps them with various daily tasks. This can also lead to whisker fatigue.

Final Words

Whiskers are the most sensitive part of a cat’s body and therefore allow them to detect every little particle.

Cats are still a mystery to modern scientists. People still have to find many answers.

The whiskers of cats are one of these many mysteries. In some cases, the color of the whiskers turns white with age, while in others it turns black.

So far, the most common answer to this question is that cats have white whiskers and that they get darker with age.

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