The Role of Social Network For Business Growth

In the era where proper connection with customers is vital, social networks are on the rise. Their massive use during the coronavirus crisis has shown that they are now essential to maintain the link between brand and consumers. For brands, taking advantage of social media is not that difficult, provided they develop an effective strategy and, adopt the right tone.

What Is A Social Media Strategy

Developing your business’s social media presence is much easier than you might think. However, there is no question of starting blindly. To get started, you need a proper plan! A social media strategy, also known as a social media marketing strategy, allows you to set your goals and determine the plan required to achieve them. It will also help you to shortlist your target audience.

What Are The Benefits Of Social Networks?

If you’re still wondering if social media is essential to growing your small or medium-sized business, the answer is yes. But let’s share some key figures.

People all over the world are addicted to social networks? What is certain is that they spend time there. A lot of the time, since they surf their favorite social networks. An important duration which is, without a doubt, linked to the fact that the tool of choice to access it is their smartphone for 97% of users. The nature of the mobile phone, which allows its user to be connected all day long, perfectly matches the essence of networks: dynamism, instantaneity, animation through short and easy-to-use formats.

In addition to targeting a large audience, social networks are an ideal place to start a customer journey. News feeds and influencers are sources of inspiration for internet users looking for something new. In fact, it’s the ideal place to discover and evaluate new products. Have fun, stroll but not only! There is also a growing trend of consumers who, after having researched and compared products online, make their purchase directly there.

Finally, this communication channel allows SMEs like yours to gain unexpected visibility and, to forge relationships with customers and prospects, for a relatively low budgetary investment. Thus, they can now compete with larger brands, or even surpass them, if their social media strategy is well conducted!

How To Create An Effective Strategy For Investing In Social Networks?

Set Your Goals

What do you presume by being active social networks? Would you like to mend your customer association? Find new prospects? Or, increase your brand presence?

Define Your Personas

This is a crucial step. It is vital to be aware your target audience. At least, the people you want to attract attention. Centralizing and studying your customer data using a CRM platform can help you more clearly determine your target audience.

 Select The Most Relevant Networks

Choose your social network wisely. Target you audience by age, gender, interests or even geographic location. The more you know your target, the easier it will be to know where to find them and to implement actions to capture their attention.

Determine What Types Of Content You Are Going To Share

The secret to building trusting relationships with consumers is generosity. Put customers at the center of all the decisions you make. Offer them the content they want to see that will allow you to build strong and lasting relationships with them.

Internet users are fond of videos. In fact 90% are more engaged with videos. Hence, product overview videos are a great choice. They make it possible both to inform users about the specificities of the products and to reduce the volume of frequently asked questions to customer service.

Another kind of videos that people love are those that showcase behind the scenes of the company or the creation of the product. By revealing a certain private and intentional side of the business, these videos convey a message of authenticity and transparency.

Finally, do not forget to highlight the recommendations of your customers. New customers research on social networks for product reviews before finalizing their purchase.

Content Calendar

Once the content type is determined, you will need to create this calendar based on the likes and dislikes of your target audience.

Measure The Results Of Your Strategy

Measure to make sure the goals you set have been met!

In conclusion, the creation of a social media strategy and its implementation can increase the workload for small businesses. But, this effort really worth as it will help you gain more customers and product sales.

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