Galaxy Note 8 Will Not Receive Security Updates From Samsung

After 4 years of launch, Samsung announced the end of security updates for the Galaxy Note 8. This means this phone in the Korean company’s obsolete product category.

This information is based on the distribution list of security updates for smartphones that Samsung has just announced recently. The high-end phone released in 2017 no longer appears in the list available on Samsung’s website. This means the Galaxy Note 8 will never receive security updates from Samsung again.

It is known that Samsung stopped rolling out monthly security updates for the Galaxy Note 8 in October 2020. Since last year, this high-end phone has only received security updates every 3 months. This is the last step before the phone becomes obsolete.

A few months earlier, Samsung stopped providing security updates for the Galaxy S8/S8+, which were released in the same year as the Galaxy Note 8. Overall, Samsung has lived up to its promises to the Galaxy Note 8. These two product lines are the software support after 4 years.

Even so, from now on, the Galaxy Note 8 can still receive the update if a security breach is detected. This makes sense when in July, Samsung rolled out the final update to the Galaxy S8/S8+, a few months after the company announced the end of software support. This patch fixes a vulnerability that allowed hackers to track calls on 40% of Android smartphones, including two Samsung smartphones.

However, the lack of regular fixes will make the Galaxy Note 8 less secure than Android smartphones that receive monthly security patches from Google. According to Samsung’s plan, its next high-end phone models that will end the security patch will be the Galaxy S9 / S9 +, which is expected to take place in early 2022.

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