Healthy Pregnancy

The Do’s And Don’ts of A Healthy Pregnancy

While pregnancy is a natural and beautiful process to producing a life, people are of the idea that you need to follow some strict guideline throughout the process. Though, there are no hard and fast guidelines to keep an eye on. You can continue to lead a normal life with a few dos and don’ts such as the obvious abstention from drugs and alcohol.

Here are some basic dos and don’ts you can incorporate in to your life for a healthier and safer pregnancy:

Do: Stay Active

Carrying the weight of 2 is not easy. It can bring about various complications and diseases such as back pain, varicose veins and diabetes. Leading a sedentary life style during pregnancy is a key factor that can expose you to such conditions. You could work out as much as you did before you were pregnant but remember to take it easy with plenty of water breaks. A pregnant woman is recommended to exercise for around 30 minutes a day.

Do: Be Mindful Of What You Eat

There are certain foods you should be mindful of consuming during this period of pregnancy. Certain foods carry small risks of infections like toxoplasmosis. Stay away from foods that contain high amounts of vitamin A and mercury as they can hinder the development of your unborn baby. You can consult your gynecologist for further information.

Do: Keep Track of Your Baby’s Movements

Baby’s movement inside your belly is an indicator that they are fine. It is ideal to start monitoring the baby’s movements around week 24.

Don’t: Drink Too Much Caffeine

While it is definitely difficult to let go of that hot morning coffee, you should get rid of that habit for now. High caffeine intake can result in babies having low birth weights which could lead to health problems later on in life. Caffeine intake during pregnancy has also been linked to miscarriage.

Don’t: Smoke or Drink

While these are obvious habits to be avoiding during pregnancy, many aren’t aware of the exact reasons they should be avoided. During the first trimester, your baby’s brain undergoes a lot of development. Intake of alcohol during pregnancy can cause serious damage to your baby. Smoking on the other hand can lead to several health problems as well.

Don’t: Believe Everything You Read

While it is definitely useful to know everything you can about pregnancy, be mindful of what you choose to believe. There are several magazines, websites and books that provide you with bouts of information. Check the legitimacy of such content before you decide on incorporating it into your daily routine.

While some of these dos and don’ts may seem harder to follow, remember you won’t have to follow them forever. It would only be a couple of months of giving up certain delicious food and fun activities. These few sacrifices are totally worth the bundle of joy that will be joining your family soon.

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