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Why You Should Use PDF Over Excel Top 5 Reasons To Consider

PDF files are very common in today’s world, whether it’s business, home, or academia. In fact, some industries require it to be used as a standard document format. For many users, PDFs are more popular and useful than Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files for many reasons. Here are the top five reasons to choose PDF over these other formats in today’s fast-paced, technology-driven world.

Be User-Friendly

In Word, Excel and PowerPoint files, complex elements such as fonts, tables and images can cause loading errors. When trying to open, but PDF files retain all formats across devices and programs and are almost. It is designed for common use. It’s also version-independent, so you can view, edit, and combine PDF files. Create at different times without worrying about old or new software causing problems. The advantage of PDF editing is that it is easy to use even for users with the latest technology. You can convert any file to a widely compatible PDF format from most document processing programs, including Microsoft Office on your Mac or PC. From there, you can easily share, export and copy files.

You Can Change The Size

Have you ever been frustrated by a long document created that was too large to be saved on your device or sent to someone? For PDF files, you can easily reduce the file size by using compression software. From there, you can share your files anytime, anywhere, without the pain of the past. Formatted to come with them and designed for easy access, PDF files will not surprise you when they are scaled down.


PDF files are becoming the global standard for professional use. Many employers, companies, or other professional individuals or organizations want to save their resumes, legal documents, and other critical documents as PDF files. This is mainly due to the advantages of being easier to use, more compressible and less error prone than other formats. All of these are as described above. Most professionals know that if you get lost, you can send a PDF file. It looks professional and that’s good again.

High Safety

Did you know that password protecting PDFs is very easy? By following these simple steps, you can protect your sensitive information from misuse. If you no longer need the password, you can delete it. You can use a variety of programs to increase the security of your documents so that you can share them securely on the Internet. Remember to keep these passwords in a safe place and prevent them from being forged.

Can Be Used For Anything

Whether you’re writing a report, writing an academic dissertation, or writing a resume, PDF files are a good choice. As mentioned above, these file types can contain different fonts, tables, graphs and images, so you will be limited only by your imagination. In addition, you can add detailed notes to your documents so that you can successfully provide and receive feedback on ongoing work in collaboration in a professional or academic environment. However, be sure to make a copy of the file before sending it so that your friends and colleagues can access the original file before adding annotations such as pictures, highlights, and notes.

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