6 New Born Baby Essentials For Minimalist Parents

When it comes to a newborn baby, parents think that they need to buy a lot of things for the little one, but it’s not true. It’s really important to buy baby essentials but you don’t need to buy everything that you are being exposed to in the market. All you need is to get yourself a few essentials to keep your baby happy and comfortable.

Parenthood is beautiful, and yet the most overwhelming phase in the life of human being. So as a new parent if you are unaware about the baby essentials that you need to have, then below is the list of 6 new born essentials that you must buy right away? The most important thing is that all of them you can get from babies store online.

Baby Carrier

Baby carriers are the best means to keep your babies close to you. Sometimes it can be very difficult to carry your new born baby when you are outing. If you wish for your baby’s safety and comfort, then you definitely get yourself a baby carrier. Baby carriers promote the physical development in babies and prevent all sort of physical abnormalities that can occur if the baby lays in uncomfortable position for a longer time. Baby carries is also the best way to avoid cranial and spinal deformities and make the little baby feel secure and have fun.

Swaddling Blankets

New born babies love swaddling blankets as they love how they make them feel warm. A swaddling blanket is a must-have baby item that you need to put in the top list of essentials that you need for your baby. Swaddling blankets work as a womb for a baby that makes him feel cozy, they keep them calm and composed for the longer duration of time. It is one of the best baby items that you just have to keep your home if you wish to see your baby fresh and happy.


If you think that diapers are not important, then you are quite wrong. As, on the top of everything, diapers is the most essential item that you need to buy for your new born baby. The best thing about this essential is that buying some of the best nappies is won’t involve lot of your expenses as they are comparatively cheaper. Also, diapers are more absorbent and contain less chemicals, so buying them for your baby is totally the safest option.

Burp Clothes

If you wish to keep your baby happy and comfortable, then burp cloths are a must-have essential for your little one. They prove to be the most comfortable for the babies when they start spitting burp. It’s a best thing to provide and maintain cleanliness. Studies have proven using burp cloths for little babies is hygienic and best way to keep them healthy. Using a regular cloth can prove to be very discomforting and can cause irritation. So having a burp cloth is the most important essential.

Baby Crib

You if you are think about new born baby essentials, then a baby crib should be your first choice. Over all other requirements, you can’t miss out on a crib if you wish to keep your baby safe and comfortable. Baby cribs are very beneficial when it comes to helping your baby get sound and comfortable sleep. A crib is a quiet place that helps baby sleep peacefully, and it is very comforting expedience if you use a soft fabric to cover them up. So if you are confused with what to buy, then you should certainly not miss out on a baby crib, as they can also be a fun playing area for babies.


Having a bottle is extremely necessary for bottle-feeding. The moments that you spend bottle feeding can be used by mom to talk and engage with kids and it can be one of the most convenient and easy for babies as well as moms. Bottle-feeding is the best medium to develop a close bond with your new-born baby.

Along with above mentioned list of new born essentials, you can also buy your baby some best baby toys online or some comfortable cloths to keep them cheerful.

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