How To Preserve Ripe Bananas For Almost 15 Days

If you buy ripe bananas at the beginning of the week and want to keep them until the end of the week. There are few simple trick to keep them fresh for longer.

We all know that bananas ripen very quickly. There areĀ  many people who do not like to eat overripe bananas for immediate consumption. So if you are buying bananas at the beginning of the week and want to keep them until the end of the week, there is a simple trick to help you keep bananas fresh for longer.

Why Do Bananas Ripen So Quickly?

Bananas are one of those fruits that will release a gas called ethylene. Ethylene is a plant hormone that is secreted and helps ripen fruits, such as bananas avocados, tomatoes, and potatoes. These are all foods that release ethylene when ripe and should always be stored separately from ethylene-sensitive products (such as onions and carrots).

How To Preserve Bananas?

Ethylene gas is released through the banana stem. The trick to keeping bananas fresh is to wrap the banana stem to prevent ethylene gas from escaping. You can easily do this using cling film. If the wrap doesn’t hold tight, secure it with a rubber band. If it’s too hard to imagine, you can see the picture below:

How to keep bananas from turning brown once cut, you can wrap the whole bunch of bananas and wrap them together, or wrap the whole banana individually. However, after many trials, it was found that wrapping each fruit separately and only wrapping the banana stem would help slow down the ripening process of bananas. So right after buying bananas, separate each fruit and wrap the banana stalks in plastic.

When the bananas reach the perfect ripeness you want, simply put them in the fridge. Bananas will stay ripe when refrigerated, giving you more time to enjoy them without wasting them. However, you should note, if you put bananas in the refrigerator when they are green, the bananas will never ripen. One downside when you keep bananas in the refrigerator. The bananas will not have the beautiful color you want, often turning black. With the methods applied to help on how to keep bananas fresh with foil, we can do the opposite to make bananas ripen faster.

After applying the above methods to preserve bananas that you have not used up yet, do not waste them. There are many ways to quickly consume this excess banana such as frying cakes, making banana bread, banana smoothies, banana ice cream, banana jam, etc.

Bananas contain a lot of carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins and minerals that help us provide a lot of energy for the body without causing obesity. Some of the outstanding benefits of bananas are improving the digestive system, supporting heart health, supplementing with antioxidants, etc.

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