Drink Warm Lemon Water

5 Reasons You Should Drink Warm Lemon Water In The Morning

Starting the day with a cup of coffee is a long-standing habit of many people. But try to stop drinking coffee in the morning. Prepare yourself a cup of warm water mixed with fresh lemon juice. This can be a great replacement drink recommended by nutritionists every day.

Improve Digestion

A study from about three decades ago found that the citric acid in lemons can increase the absorption of aluminum hydroxide (an active ingredient that reduces acidity in the stomach). The acidic nature of lemons is believed to support an optimal acidic environment in the stomach.

However, people with problems related to stomach ulcers need to be careful when drinking lemon water, should not drink lemon water on an empty stomach and do not drink too thick lemon juice. Ideally, warm lemon juice should be diluted with water.


One of the great health benefits of lemons and lime juice is their ability to aid in the body’s detoxification process. You must have heard a lot about detox drinks, and lemons are almost always present in them.

When talking about lemons, people often refer to the antioxidant in the fruit called d-limonene, which is also found in oranges and is concentrated mostly in the peel. D-limonene is used to stimulate enzymes in the liver that play a role in phases 1 and 2 of detoxification processes.

These processes deliver toxic compounds in the liver to the cells and convert them into non- or less harmful versions. These “pollutants” vary from caffeine to ibuprofen.

Support Weight Loss

Lemon juice contains pectin, a form of soluble fiber that has been shown to aid in the fight against weight loss. If you drink them with a little sugar or honey every morning, this drink will help reduce the amount of calories you take in from your diet.

Easy To Digest

If you go to bed with a full stomach, those annoying heartburn and bloating can linger into the next morning. A glass of warm water with lemon in the morning will cleanse the body system, and the flavonoids in lemon will help reduce stomach acidification, so that you quickly return to normal.

Promotes Mineral Absorption

Vitamin C in lemons has been shown to enhance mineral absorption. In addition, vitamin C is one of the most common vitamins found in fruits and vegetables.

Some fruits and vegetables are not yellow, orange such as bell peppers, kale, broccoli and spinach (spinach) … All contain high levels of vitamins. Add fruits and vegetables to your breakfast, then your body will be able to enhance the ability to absorb the minerals in the meal.

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