Why Do I Keep Dreaming About My Ex Top 10 Reasons

Dreaming of an ex doesn’t mean that your heart is still lingering or dreaming of getting back, listen to these special dream interpretation experts.

Dreams reflect a part of real life and we often wonder why when special characters appear in dreams. So does my ex.

According to psychologists, there are 10 reasons why dreaming about your ex, and not dreaming, is still in love.

Want To Close The Past

What you remember about your ex is not necessarily romantic feelings of love, but possibly pain. According to Terri Orbuch, relationship psychologist, dreaming about your ex can mean that you are trying to close the past. Maybe you’re not content with how the relationship ended or you’re trying to get over the pain that the breakup left deep in your heart.

Worried About The Completeness In A New Love

Dream researcher Ally Mead suggests that if you dream about your ex when starting a new relationship with someone else, you may be tacitly comparing them to feel reassured that everything in the new relationship will be fine. Than. You always try to find the pluses and minuses of the old relationship to ensure safety when starting a new relationship.

Need To Change After Breaking Up

Dreams about ex-lovers also carry a symbolic meaning. Perhaps your feelings are pointing towards the best way to heal all the hurt that happened in the past. So think about why your relationship ended and what you did that caused you to break up. If it was your fault, and even if it isn’t, fixing the flaw and preventing it from recurring in a new relationship can help put an end to this dream altogether.

Couldn’t Find Anyone Better

You can meet hundreds of people who love you but still don’t feel right. Ex-lovers are a big concern if you think about them all of a sudden. Ask yourself if you want the two of you back together and think hard to find the answer. By resolving this preoccupation, you can put an end to your dreams.

It’s Your Fault, Not The Ex

Your ex in a dream could represent a part of you. It means you’ve lost your initial feelings, including what you loved in your previous relationship, and it’s time to get it back. Or maybe you’re neglecting yourself in some means. Either way, take a look at what you’ve been through and see if you need to change anything to improve yourself.

Worrying about getting hurt again is also the reason you dream about your ex.

Fear Of Getting Hurt Again

For many people, getting over the ghost of an old relationship is problematic, just because it comes with a distress of being offended again, especially if the breakup left behind excruciating pain. That could be related to your ex appearing in your dreams. You don’t want to go down the same path of an old love and aren’t willing to fall in love with someone else.

The Ex-Lover In The Dream Is You

Ex-girlfriend appearing in a dream may be because your mind is trying to cut off everything from the past. The mind tells you that you are suppressing a loving being within you, you need to open up more and reconnect with yourself. Love yourself more and don’t expend energy on external relationships at this time.

Try To Forgive

If things didn’t end well between the two of you and you thought you’d never forgive, the dream of meeting your ex is your brain’s way of creating forgiveness for you. Forgive everything they’ve done because they’re no longer together, and to free yourself from the suffering they’ve caused.

Still Cherish The Moments Together

If you see your ex in a dream, it may be because you are missing something in your old life, when you are with that person, the things that used to make you very happy and want to return. However, this does not necessarily mean that you are missing that person, but only remember the moments, the feeling of happiness in love. It could be the place the two of you lived, the things you did together, the time when you felt at peace with them…

Is There Anything That Makes You Unhappy?

Your ex in a dream could symbolize something in your life that is making you unhappy and you need to stop it. Let go of the things that hurt you and start over.

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