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Top 5 Necessary Car Accessories You Must Have

To facilitate every journey and increase driving safety, here are some essential car accessories that should be fitted to the vehicle after being purchased.

Dash Cam

In the past, dash cams were only considered devices to record driving moments on the road. Today it has become more popular thanks to its usefulness if something goes wrong.

Dash cams can capture the moment of impact and become a valuable resource for the authorities in case, if something has gone wrong. Dash cams are available at a reasonable priced these days. However, more attention should be paid to the resolution (from 1080p) and higher.

Reverse Camera

Today, many cars are equipped with a reverse camera. However, some cheap cars do not have this equipment but car owners should have this gadget installed. This device is extremely useful during parking, especially on busy roads. Parking, reversing a narrow space will no longer be a worrying challenge for drivers.

To save costs when the car does not have a central screen, car owners only need to install a reverse sensor.  Depending on the brand and quality, the reverse camera has different prices. The price of a sensor is usually cheaper so, you have it for your car.

Anti-Collision Door Brace

When opening the car door in a narrow space, passengers may accidentally cause the car door to collide and scratch. The anti-collision door brace is a pretty useful option in this case, helping the car to avoid a repair cost.

The impact-like door brace minimizes collisions that affect the car door wall, providing peace of mind for the user.

Tire Pressure Sensor

Tire pressure is something that drivers need to know when traveling. The tire pressure sensor is a small device that is very useful on long journeys. This device recognizes the tires that are under pressure and the driver for timely handling. It can be seen that the tire pressure sensor is an accessory for the car to help the driver drive safely and more efficiently. At the same time, it also saves fuel, reduces CO2 emissions and protects the environment.

Currently, Tire Pressure Sensors Are Of Two Main Types:

  • Internal Tire Pressure Sensor: A type of tire pressure sensor with a sensor head mounted inside the tire, the sensor valve replaces the original tire valve.
  • External Tire Pressure Sensor: A type of tire pressure sensor with a sensor head attached to the valve head of the wheel.

Convex Mirror

A convex mirror is a car accessory that has a small spherical mirror and the mirror surface is not flat like a rear view mirror, but slightly curved like a spherical surface.

This is a common equipment found on cars to help drivers get rid of the worry when backing up when entering the parking lot. A convex mirror will help when the driver wants to keep the distance and limit the car’s blind spot. Being able to clearly see the vehicles and obstacles in the rear blind corner helps the driver handle more easily and quickly such as turning, reversing, parking, etc. Thereby minimizing the risks. Normally, the viewing angle of a car mirror is only 30-40 degrees. When installing a convex mirror, the car owner will expand his viewing angle to 90 degrees.

You can buy car accessories with convex mirrors at stores or any e-commerce site of your choice.

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